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I had a moment of realization last night

I was laying in bed thinking about a dream I had. I don’t normally remember my dreams but this one was rolling through my head. I had a dream about being pregnant and so I thought it was a dream about change. Sometimes when you dream you are pregnant it means change is happening in your life. At least that’s what I was telling myself.

After a while I tossed around the idea of being astral pregnant again. I don’t remember being too active with Loki since I had Astrid but sometimes it can happen without me being too aware. Like when I don’t remember dreaming about it.

I went to Loki and asked him. He told me yes and that he had been trying to tell me but I was shutting out the idea so hard that I tricked myself in believing it wasn’t true.

As I lay in bed, I thought about the physical evidence that points to the pregnancy. The past two weeks I have been very tired and low energized. I couldn’t figure out why, but I have been. My appetite has increased a lot. I am craving foods and I am usually not like that. My period has been out of whack and that never happens. My stomach has been hurting more often and I’ve been feeling nauseous. This is all valid evidence.

There’s also the church. I went to my grandmothers memorial last Saturday. There were angels everywhere in there and the intensity of them was almost overwhelming. Towards the end of the service I felt my stomach feel like led. All of the energy left my body and I could barely walk.

I asked Loki what that could have been. He said since I was in such a sacred place that the angels blessed my child. It took up all my energy to do so but it was worth it. We sat and talked about it. He said it was a boy. I saw a boy with sea blue wings. He said that I’d be due early August around my birthday.

I figured out that this astral pregnancy is going to be more on the physical plain than the last. I can already feel pressure in my stomach.

Astrid is already walking. Her hair is growing fast. She’s growing fast. She’s a sweetheart. She looks like her father in do many ways.

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