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Alright here I go - Astral Children

He told me it was going to happen. I didn’t know this soon.

(UPG alert here sorta)

So for the past 2 to 3 days I have been thinking about astral children and how it will happen. It would just randomly come up in my brain while doing everyday things. So today I was on the Lokean hash a little while ago and I saw someone posted something about astral children.

So backing up for a moment. When I swore oath to Loki, he told me straight out that I will be having his child. It is a part of my oath and that it will happen.

So anyway, I decided to click the added hash tag “astral children” at the bottom of the post. I read some pretty interesting things and as I did I got this strange realization that maybe I am pregnant on the astral plain! “No, no, that cant be It’s wayyy too early to know!” I thought. Well some of the posts on the hash said astral pregnancy and birth is not like it is physically. As I kept reading and weighing the possibility in my mind (body shaking terrifyingly) I dared to ask Loki if I was…I got this flash image just a second long of me looking at myself: I was sitting where I was at my dining room table with my ipad and Loki was behind me leaning down into my left ear whispering “yes”. I was so freaked out I called my friend who didn’t pick up her phone. So then I started talking to my friend on Facebook and got some information because someone he is close to is astral pregnant.

So we talked and these are the points I made that could be proof.

  • I have cramps and my stomach feels a bit of pressure. I’m nowhere near my time of the month either. I’m on birth control, but I guess that doesn’t effect me on the astral plain.
  • I have been sensitive to smells. My cousin was eating something today that made me feel sick. But my body has never reacted to that food like that before. I did feel a bit sick and though maybe I caught a bug from someone in the mosh pit I was in last night. But I just ate 2 tacos and I feel fine. If I were sick I would have been feeling horrible by now but I’m alright.
  • The image flash I got from Loki as I was reading the posts about astral children. It was pretty legit and straight out. I don’t think it was my mind playing tricks because that split second of out-of-body doesn’t happen when my mind plays tricks. 
  • The random thoughts about astral children in my head for the past few days. It may be that my astral body is trying to tell my physical body something.
  • The sex. (DONT READ IF YOUR NOT COMFORTABLE!! I Hate going into this and I am truly sorry) but our sexual involvement had always been this crazy gripping each other for life kind of thing. There was A LOT of sexual energy going inside me and filling me. Now its only sometimes we have sex and its very gentle as if he doesn’t wish to hurt me. I thought it was just because in the beginning we were new to each other and it was the new experience. Well, now I could see why he wouldn’t want to go so hard on me if I were pregnant.
  • The pendulum. Oh the pendulum! Why? because the pendulum is very accurate. It is my main tool in my psychic work and it hardly ever fails me. I asked with an open mind and spirit (because I am not sure if I want this or not, therefore the pendulum couldn’t be reading off a specific answer in my head)  ”Am I pregnant?” it gave me “yes”. Then I felt the need to be more specific so I could get a better reading. “Am I pregnant on the astral plain?” and it still said yes. I waited a good 30 seconds to see if it would swing into the “no” direction but it didn’t.

And so here I am with all of this sudden evidence. I go and talk with my friend. He says that I could possibly be pregnant physically too. Apparently that can happen. He said it’s a 50/50 chance that I could have this child on a physical plain as well. I’m not sure if that’s true or not. He has done a ton of research on the subject and so I turned to him for support. I told him “I’m 19 years old and I have not been with a man for exactly 2 years! How am I supposed to tell my mother and father about this if I am pregnant on the physical plain too? What am I to pull a Virgin Mary? ‘Oh mom I’m pregnant with a god’s child! Oh and I also married him too!’ that’s not going to cut it! Nor would I like to put any of my guy friends in this and say they got me pregnant.”

So I knew that this would happen. I was prepared! Until my friend told me that the child can have a physical body!

I am about to go dig up more research….But alright I guess I need help. What should I do? First off, what should I believe from my friend? Is he correct?

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